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Dancing in the Streets, Brunching Around the City

What are you doing this weekend? Spring is definitely in the air – so it’s a great time to get outside and enjoy some of Philly’s best. Here are some ideas for your weekend enjoyment:


On Saturday morning, April 12th, at 10:00, Temple University students, faculty, and alumni will take part in the National Water Dance, an environmental performance designed to bring attention to the fragility of our waters. Dancers will perform right near The Residences at Dockside on the Race Street Pier, framed by stunning views of the Delaware River and the Ben Franklin Bridge. The National Water Dance is a celebration of arts in action designed to initiate a national “water ethic” in the U.S. – one that can inform and inspire both participants and audience members to take responsibility for conserving and protecting the water that they use and enjoy. Great entertainment for a great cause… and so close to home. What’s not to love? Read more about this exciting event here.

Dockside brunch

Weekends are made for brunching in the city… and Philadelphia has no shortage of fantastic brunch hot spots. Thanks to philly.com for providing this comprehensive list of “Best Brunch Spots in Philadelphia.” Broken down by a number of different categories, from newcomers to sophisticated, boozy to international… you’re sure to find something delicious on this list. Try one this weekend… and keep the list handy for future weekend brunches.

Happy dancing and dining this weekend!

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