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Can’t Stop Talking About Those Views…

DocksideView 03_dusk

“Spectacular.”        “Incomparable.”             “OMG.”

Those are some of the familiar phrases we hear when people see the views from The Residences at Dockside for the first (or second, or third…) time. We really don’t even need to sell the views from our residences, because they pretty much sell themselves. So we’ll let some of our residents comment on them.

Karen Keeler, who purchased a home with her husband, Bob, as a second home, said,

“The views are spectacular – they’re really what distinguishes it. We sit on the deck and say, ‘What more could we ask for?'”

Irv Starkman, one of our long-time residents, had a friend visiting one night who summed it up when he said,

“You know what, Irv? You have a million-dollar view!”

And Maureen Carson, who moved here from one of Philly’s historic Trinity houses, still pinches herself nearly two years later out of disbelief that she lives here.

“I have a fantastic view of the river – it’s marvelous. Everybody wants to come visit and they end up taking a million pictures!”

If you haven’t visited or walked through one of our models, why not check us out this weekend? See what all the “buzz” is about our views… and you’ll understand why they are one of our strongest selling points!


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