717 South Columbus Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19147

Dig this…

Looking for something adventurous and different to do this summer, right near your Dockside home? The West Shipyard Archaeological Dig commences this Monday, July 16th, at the corner of Vine St. and Columbus Blvd. Archeologists are looking for the remains of the shipyard that was once located here, which predated the arrival of William Penn by six years. Excavations under this parking lot in the 1980s uncovered portions of four wharves and a slipway located on lots to the north of the shipyard. This time around they’re hoping to reveal even more – and the public is invited to come share the discoveries. Come see history as it’s uncovered!

Visitors are welcome to watch the work and tour the site at the following times:

– Wednesday, July 18th 1 – 3pm

– Thursday, July 19th 10am – Noon

– Friday, July 20th 1 – 3pm

Additional tours may be arranged by appointment during the week of July 23-27. Call 215-629-3200 for information.
Also, for more information on archaeology at the site, including updates on the current work, visit the West Shipyard blog site at westshipyard.wordpress.com.

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