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Décor Ideas for Your Waterfront Property

Dockside is situated right on the Delaware River with plenty of gorgeous views. Why not bring some of that into your décor? Read on for interior design tips for how to decorate your waterfront property.

Embrace Aquatic Color Palettes & Textures

A light and breezy color palette will work well in any style of a waterfront home. Get inspired with colors found in nature for your paint selections. This includes light or vibrant blues, greys, greens, and tans. Use a combination of crisp whites and coastal colors for cabinetry and countertops. A light driftwood grey or whitewashed wood flooring will also complement the design. Some homeowners forgo window treatments all together to not obstruct any views. For more privacy and added depth, layer your curtains, and blinds. Go with flowy sheer curtains as not to take away from the views.

Use Furniture Placement to Guide the Eye

Lay out living room furniture so that the larger pieces, like the sofa, create a line pointing toward the windows; for example, have the arm rest of the couch facing the windows rather than turning the couch so that those sitting face the window head-on. This naturally draws the eye to the view, turning it into the focal point of the room, while still allowing you to see the water from the corner of your eye. Use this same trick in dining areas. Arrange bedroom furniture and office spaces to make seeing the view from everywhere easy: Point the foot of the bed toward the largest window if possible and angle a cushioned chair or desk toward the window. These rooms tend to be smaller than living and dining areas, making the view an automatic center point, as there’s not enough space for the eye to wander between the doorway and the window.

Choose Paint and Fabric Wisely

As fun as bright, neon colors or jewel tones are, use them sparingly in rooms that feature a waterfront view. When the outdoors makes up such a large portion of your home’s decor (because there’s no better wall art than windows that open to a stunning waterfront view), keeping the rest of the home natural with a softer color palette is best. Use paint and fabric in shades of cream, pastel blues and greens, soft purples and other muted shades depending on your preference. A few brighter or deeper tones used as accents can help to anchor the room without detracting from the view. For example, outfit a bedroom in creams and light sage green to highlight the water, and then use a few bright red or emerald green vases to add a pop of color. Use natural fabrics wherever possible, including bamboo, cotton, silk and linen. Most of these can be suited to more relaxed rooms or formal spaces depending on the color and design.

Learn more about waterfront living at The Residences at Dockside. Contact us to schedule a virtual appointment by phone at 215.416.2563, email mdhomich@residencesatdockside.com or through our website contact page. We are able to offer tours by appointment only, and there are lots of great photos and floor plans online that you can look through in the meantime.  We hope to hear from you soon!

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