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Sustainable Brands For Your Home

Our home is where we tend to spend most of our time, so it feels good to fill it with wonderful people and objects we love. We put time into choosing which color to paint the bedroom or where to place artwork and family photographs, so why not put as much thought into where our home decor comes from? As more reports share how different products and materials affect the environment (and our health), we all want to minimize our carbon footprint. Some of us have started to buy clean beauty products and ethically-made clothes, so why should our home decor be any different? Fortunately, there are plenty of awesome design brands that are stylish and sustainable.


Threaded prioritizes sustainability by partnering with suppliers that use solar powered roofs, water recycling, and harm-free dyes. 

Company C

Company C is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and strives for sustainable materials sourcing, including natural fibers, organic cotton for bedding, and also recycled plastics for some rugs. Company C is also a member of GoodWeave, an organization fighting to end child labor in the rug trade.

Maiden Home

Mass-produced furniture leaves a lot of waste and scraps, which doesn’t do the environment any favors. In addition to using non-toxic materials, Maiden Home’s custom, direct-to-consumer business model creates zero excess inventory that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Branch Basics

After learning about the harsh effects chemicals in traditional cleaning supplies can have on your body, co-founders Kelly Love, Allison Evans, and Marilee Nelson sought out to create a healthier alternative. Each kit features a multi-purpose concentrate, which is made with safe ingredients like baking soda, chamomile, and soapberry.


This company teams up with artisans in Mexico, Guatemala, Uruguay, and Bolivia to make sustainably minded products that won’t sacrifice your home’s style. The result? Gorgeous, ethically made pillows, throw blankets, and dinnerware.

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