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Love those Dockside Views

We admit it. We often talk about (OK, brag about) our spectacular Dockside views. North, south, east, west – whatever direction you’re facing, you’ll find some of the city’s best views from our building: views of the river, the bridges, Center City.

But today, we’re happy to step back and let someone else show you our great views. Thanks to Dockside resident WALT BERNACKI, who has taken and shared some fantastic photos of different views from Dockside. Click on any of the photos to enlarge them – then just hit the back arrow to return.

If you have some great photos you’ve taken from Dockside, please share them with us – so we can share them with others! Thanks, Walt!

River North-Camden View from Dockside_Bernacki_June 2015
View north from Dockside: Ben Franklin Bridge & Camden

River-Ship View from Dockside_Bernacki_June 2015
Nighttime cruising on the Delaware, as seen from Dockside

City View from Dockside_Bernacki_June 2015
City view from Dockside

River North-BFB View from Dockside_Bernacki_June 2015
Looking north towards the Ben Franklin Bridge, from Dockside

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