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Tracey & Len Lynch, Jr: Happy Dockside Homeowners

Dockside blog_Len-Tracey Lynch_we heart our residentsWe love sharing stories about our Dockside residents! There are so many wonderful people living here – and everyone has a different tale about how they found us and how they ended up here. Tracey & Len Lynch, Jr., are no exception. We recently interviewed them about their Dockside experience – and we thought you might enjoy their story as much as we did!

Dockside blog_Lenick Construction logoYou might recognize the name of Len and Tracey’s family business. Len Lynch, Jr., is the President of Lenick Construction, a name that’s been known throughout the Philadelphia area for over four decades. He helped build the company founded by his father, Len Lynch, Sr., in 1972, into a successful multimillion dollar company. The Bucks County-based company provides leading carpentry services for some of the Delaware Valley’s top builders and they have worked on many high-visibility projects in the area.

When Len and Tracey (who works as Lenick’s office manager) decided it was time to downsize and make a move to a new home, it was interesting to see where they chose to go, having such a deep understanding of the building market from a contractor’s perspective. Tracey told us that it was a given that they would move to The Residences at Dockside.

“It was pretty much a no-brainer!” she said, laughing. “We build a lot of condos and townhouses in the city, so we see a lot. We both love this building and Len has wanted to move here for years. It’s a timeless building that has a great reputation!”

Tracey told us that it just made sense for them to move to Dockside. “We lived outside the city in upper Bucks for almost 30 years, but so much of our work is in Philadelphia. Len was in the city most of the time for work, so there was a lot of traveling back and forth. We’re also big water people, so we loved the idea of being on the river. We hadn’t really planned on downsizing yet. But we had friends who were leasing at Dockside and when they decided to build a new home in Delaware, we jumped at the opportunity to buy their unit.”

Dockside Blog_Tracey & Len Lynch, Jr.
Tracey & Len Lynch, Jr.

The Lynches purchased their condo at Dockside last August and, after a few months of renovations, moved into their new home earlier this year. “We love it!” Tracey said about their new home. “We have a two-bedroom unit, so there’s room for our two sons: one who just graduated from Penn State and the other who is at Kutztown University. We have a complete water view facing the Battleship New Jersey. We have a large deck, which we love because we spend a lot of time outside. We have everything we need here.”

“It’s such a freeing feeling to give up all the stuff and the responsibility of a bigger home. We were the first in our circle of friends to make the jump from a house to a condo. Some of them were surprised that we did it so soon, but now they’re chomping at the bit to do the same thing!”

Dockside’s location on the River and close to Penn’s Landing was a big bonus for the Lynches. “We like the feeling that we’re living in the city, but not really in the city,” Tracey shared. “Coming from upper Bucks, we’re used to a certain amount of quiet – and we have that here. It’s very peaceful.”

“Now that we’re empty-nesters, when we want to go out and enjoy the city, we can just walk out our building and go wherever we want! Dockside is accessible to everything. That’s one of the most wonderful things about being here.”

Dockside Blog_Penn's Landing Sign_Dockside in background
The Residences at Dockside is just a short walk from Penn’s Landing

While Tracey and Len are thrilled with their new home and pleased with all the services and amenities, they’ve been especially impressed with the Dockside people, including our 24-hour concierge and front desk team. “The guys at the front desk are simply the best,” Tracey said. “Every one of them knows you by name. They know your kids by name. If you ever need something, they are more than willing to help. That was really an unexpected pleasure of being here for us and something we weren’t accustomed to! It’s such a good feeling to know that you can call down and ask for anything, any time. They are fantastic. And working with Karen to purchase our condo, everything went so smoothly. She was just lovely – so thoughtful and very helpful.”

“We have a lot of different properties and we’re familiar with how the whole process works. This was so smooth and the whole experience has been delightful.”

Working with Tracey and Len and getting to know them has been an absolute delight for us, as well! We couldn’t ask for better residents or ambassadors to help tell our Dockside story.

What’s your Dockside story? We would love to hear it – and to share it with others!

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