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Philadelphia: One of the Ten Best Food Cities in America?

What do you think, Dockside residents and friends? Is Philadelphia one of the ten best food cities in America?


Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema is on a quest to identify the “10 Best Food Cities in America.” He recently set his sights on our beloved hometown, and it’s worth sharing his in-depth, utterly enjoyable analysis of the Philadelphia dining scene. Take some time to read his fifth-in-a-series piece, “The Search for America’s Best Food Cities: Philadelphia.” You’ll find some great recommendations and fascinating history!


We already know what a great food city Philly is, and here at Dockside, we’re fortunate to be located so close to some of the best restaurants in town. But it’s nice to see the city getting some national exposure for its food scene. Sietsma visited a number of Philadelphia restaurants, from A to Z (Abe Fisher to Zahav)… from the Reading Terminal Market to our neighboring Spruce Street Harbor Park. His summary?

It will be five months before I determine where Philadelphia will land on the list, but this much is certain: The City of Brotherly Love knows how to cook, eat and drink.


Indeed we do. Here are just a few of his observations:

In modern Philadelphia, small is big. Unlike in other major markets, rents here are moderate, making it easy for chefs to open personal expressions.

Much of the current buzz centers on two neighborhoods that weren’t previously thought of as dining destinations — funky Fishtown and East Passyunk — but have grown more mouthwatering by the season.

Dockside_Washington Post Screen Shot
Screenshot of the map representing where Tom Sietsema traveled around the city to explore some of our finest restaurants… all so close to Dockside!

Philadelphia revels in street food: democratic eats spanning soft pretzels, water ice and a sandwich with the kind of national recognition that any presidential aspirant would envy.

Outsiders think of Philly, home to the rival Geno’s and Pat’s, as a cheesesteak town. Insiders would prefer you remember the city for its roast pork sandwiches. Cheesesteaks are for when you want to fill your belly after a night on the town; roast pork sandwiches are works of art.

Dockside_Washington Post Screen Shot 2
Screenshot from Washington Post, showing some of Sietsema’s summary of Philly as a food town

Good craft beer, for one, seems to flow everywhere in this town, which for seven years has hosted what organizers say is the largest Beer Week celebration in the country, with more than 50,000 participants.

That rootedness — plus a sense of attention to detail, be it for a sandwich or a $155-a-head Italian feast — sums up the food scene in Philadelphia, where substance trumps flashiness.

Here’s hoping our fair city gets chosen on his final list of the “Best Food Cities in America”! In the meantime, check out Sietsema’s great article in the Washington Post for his full analysis: http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/style/2015/07/28/the-search-for-americas-best-food-cities-philadelphia/… and HAPPY EATING!!!



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