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Why Buy in Philly?

Aerial View of Philadelphia's Waterfront from Dockside Condos

Philadelphia only continues to grow and become more popular for tourists and transplants alike. With less available single family homes, some people dreaming of city life think their only option is to rent. However, another alternative exists: investing in a luxury condo in Philadelphia.

There are some great places for rent in Philadelphia, but some say it is smarter to use the money you’d spend on rent to invest in buying. Because Philadelphia is still a relatively affordable city, its highly possible that your mortgage will be the same price or less than you’d be paying in rent.

Condos give residents the ability to enjoy all that the city offers along with luxury amenities you don’t get when buying a single family home. Buying, rather than renting, a condo in Philadelphia offers the added financial benefit of property investment. When you buy a condo you can take advantage of city living and invest in a future in Philadelphia.

If you are thinking about investing in Philadelphia property, you should consider buying a two or three-bedroom condo at The Residences at Dockside! The city is booming with development as new businesses bring technology, innovation and promise to Philadelphia. With new residents flocking to the city, nightlife, entertainment and shopping are flourishing. While the boom makes living in Philadelphia an exciting opportunity, it also means a sound investment. Learn more about living the Dockside life and contact us today!

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