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We are all excited to ring in the new year and leave 2020 behind. If you want to ring in the new year responsibly, here are a few ideas. Note: the CDC recommends keeping indoor celebrations to just your household, or having virtual or outdoor celebrations. 

Bring the Party Outdoors 

Depending on the weather, you could do an early outdoor dinner and celebration then send everyone home to ring in the new year separately, or have a few people arrive closer to midnight to count down in a drive-by or bundled-up outdoor celebration. If you do plan to celebrate outdoors, go ahead and break out the confetti, streamers, silly string, and light up sparklers to ring in the new year. Set off some firecrackers, bang some pots and pans, or break out the noisemakers.

Celebrate in Style

Make this strange year one to remember. Get all dressed up with your household and take lots of pictures. Make (or order) a glorious New Year’s Eve dinner and have some fancy cocktails. 

Light Up Your Space

If you’re used to ringing in the new year at a glam party, bring a little extra sparkle to your celebration space. High-tech twinkly lights can be programmed to shift colors in sync with the music you’re playing. Wear glow-in-the-dark necklaces, 2021 glasses, and glittery tiaras and hats to lighten up the night.

Book a Hotel

A change of scenery could be a great way to celebrate. And what better way to close out this crazy year than to slip away to a nice hotel room and just relax? By and large, it’s safe to stay in hotels now, as long as you take certain precautions.

Leave the Past Behind

Take advantage of some good luck traditions. If you’re keeping warm around the fire pit, people can write down the things they’re ready to let go of and toss them into the fire. 

Serve Good Luck Foods

Long noodles symbolize a long and prosperous life in China and Japan. At midnight, you can follow the Spanish tradition of popping 12 grapes in your mouth, one for each stroke of the clock, to help you get a fresh start for the new year.

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday and are able to celebrate 2021 safely! 

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