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Ways To Be Productive From Home

Whether you’ve been working from home for years, or this is your first experience, we all can use a little help! Check out these tips to feel productive each day when working remotely. 

Keep A Set Schedule

If possible, you can arrange your schedule for the hours of day you are most productive. Of course, you’ll need to consider any standing commitments. Know the times you have meetings and will have to be at your desk or computer. 

Know When To Log Off

Since you technically have access to your work at all times, some will find it hard to disconnect.  Being unable to disconnect from work mentally, emotionally, and even physically is the most common issue people experience when working from home. Set clear start and finish times for yourself and don’t take work calls or emails after your time is up. 

Dress The Part

Change into something you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be caught wearing on an impromptu video call. Getting changed out of your sweats will help you feel more productive as well. 

Embrace Multitasking

Without a commute, you’ve got a little more room in your day to do some laundry, take a mid-morning walk around the neighborhood, or chop veggies for dinner. In fact, for many people who work remotely, this setup can feel a lot more conducive to getting everything done. 

Silence Your Notifications

Silence your news and social media alerts so that you can just focus. If you need an extra push, you can rely on website blocker tools such as Cold Turkey and Freedom to get the most done in a day.

Create Your Space

Having a dedicated space to work, with a door that closes is helpful when working from home. If you don’t, create a space where you can focus for extended periods of time. 

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