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Iconic Philadelphia Public Art Pieces to Visit

Tourists at the Rocky Statue in Philadelphia
Philadelphia is home to a plethora of amazing public artwork. Check out our list of pieces that are definitely worth the trip – or make a day of it and do a tour of all these spots throughout the city. Looking to make the move downtown? Check out The Residences at Dockside and be close to attractions Philly has to offer.

Your Move Sculpture

If you’ve already visited LOVE park and the iconic LOVE statue, don’t forget to stop by this lesser-known sculpture across the street. It consists of oversized chess, dominos, checkers, and bingo pieces, made from concrete, fiberglass, and steel, that are scattered across the Municipal Services Building plaza. This mash-up of board games serves to symbolize community and promote public interaction.

Percy Street Project

The 2016 piece, titled “The Electric Street” by David Guinn and Drew Billiau, was created as a way to bring light and color to a street that faced a big crime problem. Located down the block from Pat’s and Geno’s, this meaningful artwork is definitely worth checking out. This cool artwork is made of paint and low-energy neon lights to transform a desolate alleyway into a neighborhood attraction. This ultimately enhances the safety of the neighborhood by attracting pedestrian traffic to a previously neglected area.


This bright orange sculpture is a hard one to miss as you pass the art museum or drive up and down Kelly Drive. The artist called this 40-foot-tall piece, a painting that he made “with the crane as my paintbrush”. If you’re already visiting the art museum, definitely cross the street to get a photo with this monumental artwork.

Rocky Statue

Last, but not least! This is probably the most iconic public artwork in all of Philadelphia. It can be found at the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (AKA the “Rocky Steps”) this statue is a hotspot for tourists and Philadelphians alike. “Rocky” star, Sylvester Stallone actually commissioned this beloved bronze statue in the 1980s. If you haven’t already, come here to snap a photo and race up the museum steps after.

Did you know that The Residences at Dockside has our own public art installation, featuring work from an internationally acclaimed sculptor? The brushed stainless steel fish floating on poles surrounding our entrance and outdoor sign are part of an art installation titled “Open-Air Aquarium” created by Polish Sculptor, Magdalena Abakanowicz. The piece, which was completed in 2003, was commissioned by The DePaul Group, Dockside’s parent company, in cooperation with the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia. So, the next time you pass by those floating fish outside our building, stop… take another look… and appreciate this world-class work of art!

Want to be immersed in the arts and culture of Philadelphia? Learn more about The Residences at Dockside and contact us today. We’d love to hear from you!

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