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6 Reasons To Downsize to a Condo

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When you’re ready to leave behind the days of shoveling snow, mowing the lawn and having unused space in your house… it may be time to downsize to condo living. The Residences at Dockside offer spacious Philadelphia condos for sale that will make the perfect introduction to condo living. Check out a few additional reasons to consider downsizing today.

1. Less Maintenance

Condo living provides the luxury of significantly less maintenance. Consider this; you’ll no longer have to spend your weekends pressure washing the driveway and weeding the flower beds.

2. Less Space = Less Chores

We can’t stress this enough, but owning less can make you happier. When you have fewer things and fewer rooms, your chore time will be cut in half. You can spend that extra time doing activities that enrich your life instead.

3. Onsite Amenities

Leave behind the treadmill, gym equipment and other unnecessary items that have been taking up space in your garage. At the Residences at Dockside, you’ll have access to a variety of amenities including: the indoor pool, gyms, newly redesigned community room (expected completion November 2019!) and 4,100 square foot terrace.

4. Strong Sense of Community

Living in close quarters with other people harbors a sense of community that is different than what you’d find in a typical neighborhood. Many condo residents take great pride in their community, and their neighbors can become close friends. At Dockside there are lots of community events and opportunities to get to know your neighbors.

5. A More Travel Ready Lifestyle

Downsizing to a condo can make traveling easier. You may not have considered that a house requires a lot of work and preparation before leaving for a trip. When you live in a condo, you can pack up and go worry free.

6. Smaller Carbon Footprint

Heating and cooling costs can really add up in a larger home. Downsizing to a condo will give you the benefit of lower heating and cooling costs and water usage, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

If your suburban house has started to feel too large, you’re looking for a space with a view, or you want a living experience with less maintenance, you might want to check out our wonderful condos at Dockside. We’d love to hear from you!

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