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Featured Neighborhood: Bella Vista


Don’t you love discovering new areas of town? Bella Vista is one of Philly’s most charming and appealing neighborhoods. Here you’ll find some of the city’s best small art galleries, like the Chapterhouse Café & Gallery at South and 9th Streets or the Da Vinci Art Alliance on Catherine and 7th Streets. Relax in the gorgeous Triangle Park between Christian and Queen Streets. Bella Vista is known for its “foodie” and Italian atmosphere, which has drawn many of the city’s best restaurants to the neighborhood. Drop into the Villa Di Roma on 9th Street or Dante & Luigi’s on 10th Street for a delicious dinner. End your evening with dessert at Isgros Pastries or with a drink at the famous Royal Tavern. Though this neighborhood is know for its strong Italian heritage, cuisines from around the world have begun to emerge among the delis and pasta-shops. For example, the Bistrot La Minette, which offers some of the best French pastries in Philadelphia, and Brauhaus Schmitz, which is one of the city’s most successful German Beer Halls, have quickly become staple features of this area. 

Why not check out Bella Vista this weekend? It’s the perfect place to go for great food and a fun evening on the town.