717 South Columbus Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19147

Be part of a unique Open Air art exhibit!

Every night now through October 14, Dockside residents gazing into the night sky will be treated to an outdoor light show courtesy of artist Rafeal Loranzo-Hemmer. Open Air is an associated event of the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, which seeks to turn the Philly skyline into a vast canvas featuring a mesh of crisscrossing light formations. But for this art exhibit, Philadelphia residents are invited to play the artists. Voice recordings sent by local residents will determine the motion of the lights and the appearance of the display. From the Open Air website:

“…Twenty four powerful searchlights create unique, dynamic light formations in the sky which react to voice messages sent by participants using a free mobile app and this website. The public is invited to record and submit messages of up to 30 seconds in length — shout-outs, poems, songs, rants, dedications, proposals. As the messages playback in Philadelphia, the lights react in brightness and position to the frequency and amplitude of the voice recordings…”

So if you have a message you want to get out, now’s the time to say it. Open Air gives you, and your rants and musings, the opportunity to act as conductors of a vast orchestra of searchlights. Or just sit back, relax, uncork a bottle of wine, and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime art experience. You’ll be able to see the light show from a distance of 10 miles around the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

For more information about Open Air, and about how to submit a recording, visit OpenAirPhilly.net

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